Alex-Panel roofing systems are characterized by the exceptional ease of installation. The insulated roof prevents any condensation in the building and maintain a good thermal performance. The trapezoidal shape of the panel offers possible combinations with correlated flashings.
Alex-Panel's wall profile can be used to build perimeter and partition walls, or as a light weight façade cladding.
Sandwich panels are used in applications where a combination of high structural rigidity and low weight is required.
Sandwich panels are a good solution for constructing and finishing a variety of projects.

Hidden fix screw provide better architectural advantage regarding invisible fixation.
Alex-Panel's Cold store profile is suitable for use within temperature controlled hygienic environments, where performance is critical, can be successfully applied to industrial cold storage warehouses, agriculture sector warehouses, poultry, meat and fish processing, distribution centers and clean room applications, where you can reach only 1 degree drop in temperature through 24 hrs.
Alex-Panel's membrane profile is used in terrace roof covering (low slopes and planted roof application). Bottom face of the panel is a pre-painted galvanized steel, top surface is produced either with PVC membrane or TPO membrane. This way after the assembly at the construction site, there is no need for covering with water insulation material. This panel installation saves time and labor.

Aluminum-foil is used in low cost roof covering. Top face of the panel is a metal pre-painted, galvanized steel, while the bottom surface is produced with Aluminum Foil. This is to economize and reduce the price of the panels. These panels also offer different thicknesses for various applications.