Membrane Panel (5 Ribs)

40mm corrugation depth in profile
Effective width 1000mm
thicknesses range available from 30mm to 100mm
length ranges from 2,000mm to 16,000mm
Number of ribs: 5.
Polyurethane does not keep water within its body and it does not accommodate bacteria and insects.
PIR insulation enables high level of fire and thermal performance
CFC free product: n-Pentane is used to inflate the polyurethane causing no damage to nature
membrane panels could be customized for different inner and outer faces materials
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Technical Information


Alexpanel hidden fix roof is characterized by its special fixing system consisting of a hidden joint, and exceptional ease of installation. In addition to the innovative solar mounting solution.

Fire & Environment
1- AlexPanel sandwich panels have received FM Approval class 1 insulated panels with no height restriction in accordance with FM Approvals standards 4471 2- Our panel has been subjected to Fire Classification of Construction products and building elements class B-S1-d0 3- Fire resistance, cold and heat resistant, sound insulation, moisture resistant, chemical resistant 4- Recyclable and lightweight
Thermal Performance
Insulation core (PIR – Polyiscyanurate core) according to EN 14509: Offers excellent thermal conductivity and high resistance to weight; giving the final structure a remarkable stability in case of thermal aggression like a fire.
Finishes & Coating
1- Steel Galvanized, skin passed, pre-painted and top coated. There are surface paint options suitable to the place of use: - Polyester 25 microns - Granite HDX 55 microns – 70 microns - PVDF 25 microns – 35 microns - Plastisol 100 microns – 200 microns - HPS 200 microns Finish color can be selected from RAL catalogue. Standard panel facing is a steel plate coated with RAL 9002 polyester paint. 2- Aluminum All aluminum rolls used in our production are produced completely according to EN & ASTM & ISO norms. Corrosion resistance Convenient processing properties Decorative appearance 3- Stainless steel sheets Come in two thicknesses 0.45 – 0.55 mm Alloy is 304 or 305
AlexPanel will provide product guarantees on an individual project basis. Guarantees are typically up to 5 years in a non-marine / geothermal environment. All guarantees are subject to the maintenance regime. Specialist coatings are available for marine and other more corrosive areas.
Construction Details
Our technical team will support you with construction details for your project.