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AlexForm is a global manufacturer of steel section profiles, insulated sandwich panels and solar mounting solutions, pioneering in the steel fabrication industry since more than 60 years.
Through the years, our vision became targeted towards building a sustainable future. Our R&D team along with our technical office is constantly working to innovate and provide new technologies that contribute in building a green society.


khalil Abd El Naeem
Hosny Khalil Abd El Naeem
Magdy Hosny Abd El Naeem
Mamdouh Hosny Abd El Naeem

Since  1959


Kholafaa Khalil Abdel Naim Steel Trading

60 years ago, Alex Family was brought to life by Mr. Khalil Abdel Naeem. It started by focusing on one end goal, to be the leading steel traders covering the Egyptian market and fulfilling all its needs.


AlexSteel Factory

The first step towards comprehension was to create a general steel fabrication center. As a start, AlexSteel was created to manufacture steel built up sections.


AlexProfile Factory

Further expansions were made to cover more of the steel components needed to provide a complete solution for a steel structure building. AlexProfile line worked on providing all forms of corrugated and wave single steel sheets, used as wall and roof cladding.


AlexForm Factory

With the rise of pre-engineered buildings culture, AlexForm worked on providing all types of Cold-formed steel sections, as well as cold formed Steel Deck.


AlexPanel Factory

The new AlexPanel factory presented the first insulated sandwich panel onto the African and Middle-Eastern market. With diversity of steel specifications and insulating core thicknesses, we were able to provide a product covering a wide range of applications.



With further technology addition to our line, our R&D along with the technical team succeeded in designing our own lightweight steel sections suitable for solar mounting systems. With specifications such as Zinc-Magnesium galvanization, AlexSolar provide a guaranteed and durable solution customized considering the surrounding rough environmental attacks.