Corrugated Steel Tanks “CST” are designed to be the safest solution for problems of storing liquid substances and bulk storage of grains and food products.

The tank is available in various pre-engineered capacities (Height, Diameter) depending on the client’s need.
The tank is supplied with all necessary hardware and liner.
AlexForm’s role
The use of corrugated steel sheets and liner as a protection material.
All connection between sheets are bolted connections.

System Advantages

Easy to install (Bolt connection)
Hygienic materials
Easy to install (Bolt Cheap foundation - Ring beam foundation)
Cost saving (Cheaper than concrete and ordinary steel tanks)
Corrosion resistance using galvanized steel
Can be moved and relocated
Fast installation duration starting from one week according to design

Types of lining and covers

Type 1
PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)
0.5mm, 1mm
Type 2
Reinforced PVC 0.5mm, 1mm
Type 3
PP Woven Fabric
Type 4
FPP (Flexible Polypropylene)
0.6mm, 1mm
Type 5
LDPE Air floats
Technical Information