Steel Deck (55 mm)

Thickness ranges available from 0.7mm to 1.5mm (or could be customized for your order)
Effective width 830mm (or could be customized for your order)
length ranges from 1,500mm to 14,000mm
Flutes height: 55mm (or could be customized for your order)
Can be used in both concrete and steel framed structures
Design based on BS 5950 - Part 6.4 & Euro code 4
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Technical Information


Alexpanel hidden fix roof is characterized by its special fixing system consisting of a hidden joint, and exceptional ease of installation. In addition to the innovative solar mounting solution.

Fire & Environment
Fire rated according to NFPA 251 (Standard Methods of Tests of Fire Resistance of Building Construction and Materials).
Material is supplied according to EN 10346 Steel grades S250, S350, and S420 Pre-Galvanized Steel, Post galvanized steel or black iron
Finishes & Coating
Galvanized with zinc or aluminum-zinc coating: Z120 (G40), Z275 (G90) according to the standard ASTM A 653M AZM150 (AZ50) according to the standard ASTM A 792M
Manufacturing and supplying Technical office: design and detailing Field services: supervision
Construction Details
Our technical team will support you with construction details for your project.