Bahr Al Baqar WWTP

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Project Description

Bahr Al Baqar is a waste water treatment plant located in northwest Egypt. It is considered one of the largest plants in the world and the largest one in Africa, with a capacity of 5 million cubic meters of treated water per day. The plant's project is implemented by The National Authority for Drinking Water and Sanitary Drainage of Egypt and is part of the Sinai Peninsula Development Program.

The project contributes to the Egyptian government's strategy of preserving the country's water resources, as well as the national policy of encountering terrorism in the Sinai area by investing in sustainable infrastructure.

The plant consists of 4 water treatment lines, along with an administrative area that includes headquarter and employers buildings, generators, workshops, and a mosque.

The treated water will be used in the irrigation of 140,000 hectares of farmland alongside the Suez Canal.

Supplied Products And Quantities

16,665 SQM Roof Sandwich Panels
20,000 SQM Hidden Fix Wall Sandwich Panels